What are the Top Food Trends for 2018?


There are only a few days to come before the end of the year 2018. Likewise, before anything else, let’s talk about what are the food that becomes trendy this year. These are foods that would exactly catch your cravings. Therefore, take a look at these trending foods and know its recipes.

Moreover, it is necessary to know new food recipes each day.

Like imagine, it is so better to taste new food every single day. Otherwise, it can also improve the cooking skills of individuals.

Therefore, look at these new food recipes you can cook anytime at your home. You do not need to travel around the world to find out how delicious it is!

So, improve your cooking skills and knowledge right now by considering these new food recipes.

Asian Treats and Sweets

The Asian Treats & Sweets is one of the new food trends all over the world. It is made from Thai by Night that is located at New York.

Moreover, it was made by fried banana wontons that drizzled with local honey that came from a specific foreign country. The Asian Treats and Sweets is a snack that has pure sweetness flavor.

Street Food

Eventually, street foods will never go out of style. Likewise, street foods such as hot dog, pizza and more are one of the best food on earth.

But believe it or not, the Atlanta’s St. Cecilia Restaurant introduced the new street food. Moreover, it is a combination of spice chickpeas, fried parsley, and lemon. Likewise, it seems so simple yet extraordinary. 

Dessert Topped with Flaming Bourbon

Lastly, the Dessert Topped with Flaming Bourbon is also known worldwide. However, most of the time, it is described as social media-worthy dishes.

Well, it is absolutely better to post a dessert like this on Instagram, Pinterest or in any other types of social media. Likewise, it is made by Cameron Floyd on which an he is an executive chef at Sweet Auburn Barbeque in Atlanta.

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