About Me

I’m Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka, MSEd a twenty-something first time mother and wife on a mission for balance – in my home, life, and body. I share my thoughts and insights about being a mother, maintaining a purposeful marriage, women’s reproductive health, balance and fulfillment, and sisterhood.

My professional background is in teaching (primarily high school) and childbirth education, but becoming a mother has made me more courageous about following my passions for food, health, travel and natural living. So, you’ll certainly see that reflected in the content here with recipes, profiles of healthful foods, how-tos, and reviews of convenience items. Be warned encouraged, that I proudly lead a plant-based lifestyle, so there won’t be anything about animal meats or by-products here.

I’m also a founding board member of a local food cooperative and an online organizer with MomsRising.org

Email questions to me below or reach me on twitter: @anayahrose

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